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This game is being run as a beginner Adventure Path meant to introduce everyone to the Pathfinder system and tabletop roleplaying. Rise of the Runelords is the Pathfinder Flagship adventure and meant to get everyone into Pathfinder. I will warn that this adventure path is a little bit “On Rails”, but I can adapt if the players want to do something else. I will be teaching how things work as we go. I encourage everyone to dive into their characters, as I will dive into my Non-Player characters with voices and more.

Thanks to the Roll 20 system, I think the experience will be almost like sitting at a table together, which I encourage you to do with groups locally.

Character Generation Rules: To generate stats, you will use 4d6 and drop the lowest dice. You will do this 6 times and write down all of the results. You then assign each of these to your statistics based on what you chose as your Class.(If your a fighter, Strength and Constitution. Wizards, Intelligence and Wisdom. Rogues, Dexterity. Etc. etc.) All players begin at 1st Level.

Alignments: No evil characters. Just to make everything easy on everyones first outing :) Below is an easy picture to describe each alignment.

Please Read the Player Guide
There will be a player guide attached to this game. Please take the time to read it as it gives some background on the setting and prefaces the first adventure.

About Bob(the GM): I have been playing D&D since I was 13. Mostly as Game Master(1. Most people want to play, 2. I have power issues.). My Last role playing game experiences was running Live Action Role Playing games. 5 Players, easy. 35-40 Players most GMs would explode. But this is what I dealt with running the Legend Realms LARP. I folded this game even though it was a success due to financial reasons as the player base did not want to go to a subscription model and Real Things cost Real Money.

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